Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem :)

In the name of Allah.

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Its still not too late to post about this barakah month, rite?
So, happy fasting, my dears. Kullu amin wantum bikhair. :)
I'm aiming to be a better muslimah with finishing all the 30 juzu' of the Holy Quran, adding more amalan sunat beside amalan wajib, and etc.
Just felling that maybe it will be my last Ramadhan, who knows?
so, lets TOPUP iman and amal.
Since, its a precious month, Please forgive for all my wrongdoings, bad-mouth, and etc. I'm sorry for being such that person. Maaf tulus dari hati. :)

Since, I haven't update for a very long time... so, here you, go! :)
My last sem's result was not so good but still it amazed me. hahaha *ayat nak sedapkan hati*
I promise to myself not to get below 3 and graduate with  3.6. we'll see it. Pray much!
Alhamdulillah, Allah give me as much as the effort that i've worked. not so hard, but I'm still satisfied. :)
Hope doing better for this final exam(short sem). Allahuma sahil umurana.

Im taking short sem for the first time. :)
At first, it wasnt hectic yet and  now,IT IS HECTIC!
With current workloads with 7 credit hours, I got too many assignments, quizzes, tasks, hafazan, presentation and so on. And what makes me feel more pressure because I postpone all the assignment, and becoming last minuter again and I got stuck with those assignments. hahaha sampai tak dapat balik rumah tahu. Padan Muka kat diri sendiri. n Padan muka juga sapa suruh join MRC and CONVEST bagai, kan tambah kerja lagi. so, memang pandai-pandai lah nak bagi masa. ;)

But now, everything is just running smoothly. and yet, one by one checked. Alhamdulillah. with those kerja MRC and CONVEST given, I still manage to finish up my assignments, hafazan and etc. :) Just have faith in Him always. As mentioned in ayatul kursi:

ومن يتق الله يجعل مخراجا

Next, my final exam is just around the corner. This is the schedule:

10/8: Advanced Tilawah II
13/8: Intro to Translation
14/8: Intro to General Linguistics

Yet, I have discussed about my future with my family. InsyaAllah, as we plan, I'm going to take JQAF at UPSI after I graduated hujung tahun depan. I've 3 more long sem left. so, I've to plan something about my future even I have one and half years left. Alhamdulillah, mama and abah agree. Nothing about marriage. I've to settle on my education and career first. :) but its just plans, Allah know well. Then, also plan to get a myvi or viva next year as mama and abah promised. pray much! Amiinnn. Allahu Akbar! As I grow up as the first daughter, setakat ni, I  fulfilled my mom and pa's hope. I choose UIA even I got offer from matric to continue my science studies. Its all my parents' hope. to see her daughter study in university. Alhamdulillah, Allah show me the way to continue arab even I hate it at first. This is what we called HIKMAH.  may Allah bless them. with their blessings, I'm being like this. Proud to be a daughter for them. :)

p/s: Don't judge a person by his/her clothes.